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The future of healthcare claims: AI technology takes center stage
Mar 29 |
Expedite and automate claims processes with AI.
Healthcare claims wars: Is AI poised to finally give providers the advantage?
Feb 23 |
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Dec 05, 2022 |
Medicare Advantage plans look to rise above the competition by going beyond ...
Leveraging AI to benefit the healthcare ecosystem for providers, payers and members
Nov 17, 2022 |
Digital cloud faxing can remove manual processes for greater efficiencies
Should reference-based pricing be part of your healthcare benefits this year?
Nov 14, 2022 |
With employee benefit costs ranking as the second highest expenditure for employers ...
Sponsored: How technology can fix the prior-authorization challenge for payers
Sep 20, 2022 |
Prior authorizations (PAs) are achieving one of the goals health plans sought - ...
Sponsored: 3 actionable tips for revenue cycle optimization
Aug 15, 2022 | Oracle Cerner
Here are some tips for your next optimization, starting with identifying KPIs to creating an ongoing ...
Personalizing the healthcare billing experience
Feb 07, 2022 |
As patients continue to struggle with medical debt, how can providers provide support along the patient journey for a ...
Accelerating the healthcare payment cycle
Feb 01, 2022 |
As payers adopt electronic payment solutions, providers need data-driven insights to help drive optimization, efficiency ...
Private equity and digital health: What you need to know
Jan 28, 2022 |
Before investing in disruptive innovations to payment systems, leaders need to break through the hype to ...